Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Review and specification

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Review and specification

Bottom Line
MI Band 4
By Xiaomi

Every year, Xiaomi adds more features to its Mi Band lineup, keeping price increases to a minimum. With improved performance, greater exercise profile and a rock-bottom price, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 distance itself as one of the cheapest fitness trackers of 2019. If you call it the best fitness tracker, then I don't know if I'll argue with you.


  • Plenty of smart features and Customization options.
  • Connected with GPS is a big plus point.
  • 20 Day's Battery life.
  • Accurate fitness, health, and sleep tracking


  • Heart rate sensor struggles with high-intensity workouts.
  • MI fir app won't be everyone's first fitness app choice.
If you are reading a review of this Xiaomi Mi Band 4, then there is a good chance that you have either heard a lot about Xiaomi's Mi Band line and want to know what the hype is, or have you ordered your Mi Band 4 Already placed. It is awaited.
There is general publicity around the Mi Band device - and the Xiaomi device. Xiaomi really makes good products that don't cost a ton. In the age of smartphones over $ 1,000, it is no wonder why people are looking for a low-cost alternative to high-end products.
The Mi Band 4 could be the product that reflects Xiaomi's low-cost high-quality mantra. This u.s. Starts at a low price of only $ 40, or about half the price of competitors' products. Read on to find out why you want to choose Xiaomi Mi Band 4 over the high-cost competition.
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review: The big picture
The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was one of the best-priced fitness trackers of 2018, and the Mi Band 4 aims to improve on it in some major ways. It has a better display and more activity profile, but gets a little price with those things, though the Mi Band 4 is still significantly cheaper than other fitness trackers with a similar feature set.
The question is, are you really getting anything worthwhile by spending an extra $50 on a competing product, or should everyone run out and buy the Mi Band 4 right now? 

Design & Colors.

Be honest: none of Xiaomi's Mi Band devices are the best-designed part of the technology ever, but the Mi Band 4 is an improvement. It is still one of the more generic-looking fitness trackers out there with its simple black band and unseen case, but the improved performance saves the design of the Mi Band 4 in my view.
It's now an RGB AMOLED display with  0.95-inch - a big step up from the Mi Band 3's smaller black-and-white display. The 120 by 240-pixel density is sharp and the 400-night brightness means it's easy to see in direct sunlight. It's a touchscreen display, so you can navigate through taps and swipes on most of your devices. Swipe up or down to select different modes or settings, swipe left or right from the face of the clock to the music control, or swipe right to return from a different screen. To go back, you can also tap on the capacitive button under the display. easy.
If you want to swap it for another band, the fitness tracker case easily detaches from the silicon band. And don't worry, there are already third-party Mi Band 4 bands available on Amazon. The Mi Band 4 case is also compatible with the Mi Band 3 band.
Mi Band 4 feels very comfortable because the band is made with the silicone material. It's not the highest quality rubber you'll find on a fitness tracker - it's too harsh for my taste - but it works.
The optical heart rate sensor sometimes spreads from the bottom of the case slightly, but not enough to leave a scar on your wrist after wearing it for a few hours.
Throughout my uses, I have not faced any issues about connectivity between the Mi Band 4 and my Samsung A50. Probably due to the updated Bluetooth 5.0 support of the Mi Band 4 due to previous generation Bluetooth 4.2 support.
Two small pins sit under the heart rate sensor for charging. When it comes time to charge, just slide the Mi Band 4 case into the included charging cradle and it should be topped in about 45 minutes. A quick note on the charging cable: I hate it. It is about four inches long, so it does not sit directly on a desk with any USB charging port.
The good news is that you will have to charge the Mi Band 4 multiple times. With common usage, Xiaomi says that the 135mAh battery will last about 20 days on a single charge. I have not been using mine for 20 days, but I can tell you that the battery is very luxurious so far. I am currently sitting on a 70 percent charge after a full charge last Friday, and then have a heart rate sensor over three long runs and 10-minute intervals.

Fitness and health tracking

The Mi Band 4 will track all the basics: steps taken, distance traveled, calorie burn, rest and active heart rate, and sleep. It does not have built-in GPS, so if you are only going out for a run with your fitness tracker, your distance metrics will not be very accurate. However, it comes with a connected GPS feature, so if you don't mind bringing your phone, you can track your workouts with GPS.


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